Espaces de travail Work better High quality real estate delivery, flexibility, and "hotel" services. Newton Offices designs your offices, so that you can work efficiently, and safely, today, and tomorrow. tailor made space PRIVATE OFFICE TEAM SPACE

Newton Flexible Solutions

From the design of the buildings, we imagine spaces that respond to the evolution of working methods, but above all we ensure your needs are at the forefront of any solution.

Our regional network of connected offices allows you to work wherever you want, in a productive, professional, and relaxed environment.

Our offer is simple.

Private OfficeTeam SpaceTailor Made Space
Team Space1 to 1010 to 30More than 30
Reception & Welcome Team   
Printers  On Demand
Secure WIFI and wired connection  On Demand
Eco-friendly and cozy furniture   
Professional phone number  On Demand
Housekeeping, maintenance, and safety   
Meeting & Videoconferencing Rooms  On Demand
Phone booths   
Free tea or coffee   
Kitchen area   
Wellness Space, Locker and Shower   
Access to the coworking network, making telecommuting easier for you   
Personalization of your workspaces  
Choose your furniture 
Custom brandingOn Demand
Privatization of spaceTo be discussed 
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« Ultra-premium offices. A golden team. Everything is done to make us feel wonderful. 2 years of total satisfaction. We are approaching the next two with as much confidence. Thank you! »


Thomas-Alexis Cailleau Founder & CEO
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20 new Locations in France opening soon

As we continue building our network, we maintain focus on all our offices located in premium locations close to all amenities and transportation for your convenience.

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